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YX904-D Tractor

Basic information
360° display
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1.Strong Power
Quanchai engine is of standard configuration and Xinchai engine is optional. Torque reserve of the engines are big and power is strong. Various power adoption meet requirement of various users. 
Power emission and performance are upgraded with low fuel consumption, high reliability and advanced technology.
2. Advanced Technology
Reinforced chassis with high reliability and excellent adaptability
Strong pressure elevator is used, and force level adjusting elevator is optional. 
Separate double action clutch is used for high reliability. ;
10F+10R gear shift is easy and flexible for operating. Speed match is reasonable and working efficiency is high
3.High Working Efficiency 
540/760r/min or 540/1000r/min is optional. Various agricultural working devices can be equipped.
Hydraulic output is optional. High efficient work can be performed in various farmlands and transportation working sites.
4. Comfortable Drive Experience 
Flat floor, suspend pedal and side-placed operating levels make the operation easy and flexible.
Separate clutch and full hydraulic steering system are used for easy and flexible operating. 
Fully enclosed comfortable cab is used with heater system and air conditioner as optional. 
Automotive interior is used in the cab with air conditioner, three-layer insulation cab, which reduce the shock and noise and make drive experience more comfortable. 
Shift level, instrument panel buttons, and the console levers are adopting the integrated design similar to that on the automobiles based on ergonomics, which makes the operation easy and comfortable. 
YX704-C Tractor