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YX657 Wheel Loader

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1.Meritor axles with excellent reliability and bearing capacity are adopted to complete the operation in various heavy-duty working conditions.
2.The optimal matching of power system and transmission system greatly increases traction force. Long span articulated structure is adopted for larger ground clearance, ensuring good passing-through performance even in winding mountain roads. 
3.Upgraded sealing technology in the hydraulic system and butt welding technology of steel tubes improve the sealing performance significantly. 
4.CAE analysis is applied to structural components system to optimize the structure. Welding robot is used to ensure reliability of the structure components system. 
5.Central articulated structure enables the rear wheel track to overlap the front one, decreasing power loss while increasing the tipping load and the breakout force for excellent performance in heavy-duty working condition. 
6.Optimized working devices increase the lifting force, load ratio of bucket and overall efficiency.
7.ZF electronic controlled gearbox is adopted for excellent reliability and easy & comfortable operation, which reduces the driver’s fatigue when performing continuous work, thus improving the efficiency.
8.Full decorated cab with all-around clear visibility, ample space, low noise, comfortable seat and optimized shock damping system provides a pleasant driving environment with A/C as standard configuration.
YX656 Wheel Loader